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There are 2 ways to get listed on AItools

1. Pay a one-time fee
The tools listed on this site are curated to provide value for AI tools.directory users.

You can sponsor your tool to be listed, uncurated, by paying a one-time 250$ US for the life of the site.

Your AI tool will display a mention to indicate that your tool was sponsored to appear.

Just click on the following button and include the URL of your AI Tool in the PayPal comments, we will handle the rest.

Your AI tool will be listed within 24 hours of submission.

Pay one-time 250$ US
By paying the fee, you agree to the following terms:
- We reserve the right to refuse any site submissions, for any reasons we may have. In which case, you will be refunded fully minus payment processing fees
2. Affiliate Program
If you have an affiliate program for your AI site, you can get listed for free. Just fill out the information below.
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